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We are a wife and husband team who are passionate about keeping our relationship healthy and helping other couples to have relationships that thrive. Through our professional experiences as well as our fifteen years of being married, we know that being in a happy relationship takes WORK and requires being intentional in your words and actions every day. It requires you to have the tough conversations and tolerate the uncomfortable emotions that are part of being in a relationship with another person. 

At the beginning of a relationship, this can often come easy. The newness of your relationship is invigorating and the effort you put in to connecting with one another seems to happen naturally. As life happens and responsibilities are added, keeping a strong connection in your relationship requires being mindful. We want to help individuals be the healthiest they can to be ready to be a part of a successful couple. We want to help couples create and maintain strong connections to have the kind of relationship they want and deserve.



In response to growing health concerns due to COVID-19, We are now offering teletherapy and coaching through online sessions. Get the support you need for yourself or your relationship now from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Hear What Clients are Saying about Online Sessions:

“We have successfully transitioned our weekly couple's sessions with Tiffany to video conferencing in lieu of in-person office visits. This new, safer format has proven equally effective to us, and we are grateful for Tiffany's flexibility in embracing the new video format and for her continuing guidance and insights.” 
- Current Clients

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Healthy individuals make healthy couples. Maybe you are in a relationship already, recently got out of one, or are hopeful to be in a relationship in the future. The work starts with you. When you can be at your best, you give your relationships the best chance to be happy, healthy, and fulfilling. What would you like to tackle in individual therapy or coaching to get you to your best self?

Maybe you're carrying hurt from your family, past relationships, or trauma that you've been through. Therapy can help you put that down and move forward with your life and relationships. Maybe you're stuck in behaviors or patterns that you know are not healthy, but you just can't seem to find your way out. Therapy or coaching can help you get unstuck and back on track. Maybe you have lived your life trying to please everyone at your own expense and are finally tired of putting everyone else's well being and desires before your own. Therapy or coaching can support you in your journey to wellness and living intentionally.

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Intentional relationships create an intentional life. It's hard work, and maybe you didn't expect life to be so tough or for things to not go as planned. Maybe it feels overwhelming at times or you feel out of control. Maybe you know you want your relationship to thrive but you aren’t sure what to do. Couples work takes strength and a commitment from both of you to do your part. You can get to a better place. You can regain the connection you once had. You can heal after an affair. You can learn to better navigate conflict and still be gentle with each other. It takes awareness and hard work and we want to be right there with you as you learn to approach your relationship and your life with intention. 

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Sometimes we get stuck behaving in ways that are hurtful to our relationships. Maybe these behaviors helped you in your past and in relationships or situations that weren't safe, but now they are only making things worse. The purpose of therapy is to help you sort through past traumas, hurtful relationships, and work through current crises or painful situations. It is meant to be more in-depth and to help you gain a better awareness of how your past is influencing your present as well as how your present behaviors and ways of working through emotions impacts your future. Therapy at  Intentional Couples is hands on and you will be supported and guided in working hard to get to the place you want to be in your life and in your relationship. 

Sometimes we need a time out from the busyness of the day to talk about successes and challenges with someone outside of our immediate personal circle. Too many of us don't do this. Most of us don't even have that person. That's what coaching is critically or strategically talk about these issues in your life. Coaching focuses on behaviors that may be getting in the way of your needs or goals. With coaching, there is less emphasis on working through past or current significant pain and more of a focus on helping you meet very specific goals you have for yourself. Coaching at Intentional Couples assumes you have a level of awareness of where things have gone wrong and are seeking an objective person to work through the steps to achieve your goal. 

You may not be sure which is right for you and your situation. We can set up a time to talk and help you determine which most matches your current needs and goals.