T. Lonis-Shumate (Business and Headshots


I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and moved to Auburn in 2005, three months after marrying my husband. When I got married, I not only gained a husband but three daughters (then ages one, two, and four). In one fail swoop, I had changed everything in my life - new college, new state, new husband, new kids! I understand first-hand that love often calls us to take big risks and face challenges we had never dreamed of. My marriage was not conventional. I married my husband seven months after we started dating, he was ten years older than me, and I was instantly a mom. It has taught me that it is important to take risks, love requires commitment and work, and that we all have different paths we take to finding happiness. It has also taught me that doing the "work" of marriage can bring you more joy than anything else in life, but it does take work and choosing your partner time and time again.

Since marrying my husband, we have added three sons to the family. Our six children currently range in age from twenty years old to under one year old. We recently moved "to the country" on six acres and value being outside as often as possible. Life is busy and it goes by fast, so we work to enjoy the moment and live our lives with intention and authenticity. Some days we rock it, other days we fail miserably...but we try all over again the next day. 


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