Creating your new marriage

Recovering from infidelity is one of the most difficult challenges a couple faces. Learning of the betrayal by a partner often leaves one feeling many complex emotions and asking difficult questions. Often, people feel blindsided by the affair only to later feel embarrassed for not seeing the signs. Many people feel ashamed for choosing to stay and work on the relationship, yet are not ready to walk away. The couple can quickly fall into a cycle of one partner demanding answers and the other being uncertain of how many details to share or if they can tolerate the level of anger, sadness, and fear they feel from their spouse.

Navigating all of this is difficult without the help of a trained professional.

It is possible to heal from this level of betrayal in a relationship and to create a new (and often times, even stronger) marriage. Using the Gottman Method Couples Therapy approach to healing from an affair, I work with couples to learn how to talk openly with one another about the infidelity, how to tolerate the intense feelings that infidelity stirs up for each person, and how to regain trust and closeness in the marriage or relationship.

Infidelity looks different for different couples and can range from emotional unfaithfulness (talking to/texting that violates the shared closeness within the couple) to physical infidelity. I am passionate about helping couples work through this most intimate of injuries in a relationship and welcome any questions to help you gain confidence that I can help you and your partner through this.


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